Founded by Keeran Singh, Designerworks was established in 2014, now a certified level 1 BBBEE, pty ltd. and provides digital content creation services, digital marketing solutions, website development, branding solutions, chatbot development, and print services to corporates, SMMEs, and individuals globally.

We are a team of passionate, innovative, and results-driven creatives that love what we do.

Our Values

Be Creative. Be Innovative. Be Committed.

How we work

We usually request to have a briefing session to understand your requirements before we can present a value-adding solution. Being a boutique full-service marketing agency allows us to be flexible, efficient, and cost-effective in the solutions we provide.

We work on both one-off and bespoke retainer packages for the services we provide.

The services we provide

Social media management

Our team of talented digital content creators crafts unique and engaging content daily for our clients. We take care of the everyday tasks that one would need to perform on your social media pages such as creating content, copywriting, design, brand strategy, content strategy, posting and scheduling content, community management, and media buying.

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Chatbot development

We build custom Facebook chatbots that engage with your audience to provide sales support, customer support, provide dynamic general information on demand such as contact information, product information, costings, etc. chatbots are also able to capture and qualify leads before they even reach your sales staff. Think of a chatbot as your virtual receptionist that can direct queries to the right information, and provide sales support 24/7 without human interaction required from your business.

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Website development

Designerworks has over 15 years of experience in designing and developing mobile-first, rock-solid, websites ranging from large and complex eCommerce and eLearning websites to every day 3-5 page brochure websites. We provide complete support throughout the website development process from the conceptualisation, digitization of content, content creation to after-sales care, and technical support.

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Through our unique partnerships in the industry, we are able to provide high quality and competitively priced printing services. We print from small to large format building signage, vehicle signage, business cards, handouts and flyers, t-shirts, caps, and other merchandising and pos printed products to various types of product labels, and packaging, etc.

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Graphic Design

We provide more than just graphic design we provide visual solutions that are well thought out and purpose-driven. What types of design services can we provide? We do graphic design for social media posts, flyers, posters, booklets, annual reports, business cards, logos, label design, packaging design, label design to company profiles, etc.

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Business Branding

Branding is the language your brand speaks, our trusted team of brand developers visually define and translate this language to your corporate identity. Our general branding kits consist of a business logo, email signatures, letterhead, and other general business stationery and can optionally include brand conceptualisation and/or guidelines such as logo use guidelines, etc..

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