Automate Your Sales and Lead Acquisition With Chatbots 


Chatbots in their simplist form contain stored replies that are triggered by a specific action of users. These chatbots can be put to work in a number of ways which make sales and lead collection simple for the user and automated.


Chatbots can be created to:

  1. Collect leads that feed a CRM
  2. Answer simple product queries
  3. Can be used to close sales for simple products
  4. Take orders from customers and pass it onto the business
  5. Issue quotes or cost estimations based on user inputs
  6. Deliver timed responses or reminders for appointments
  7. Deliver online courses


There really are a number of ways that chat bots can be used. Click here to contact us and find out how we can help you with your next chatbot build.


Customer Service

Provide on demand award worthy customer service with no delays, no call centres and no more customers ringing up your phone to ask time consuming trivial questions. A chatbot can be developed to take care of the simple quries giving you more time to focus on your business.


Capture Leads

Leads are the life blood of any service orientated business, with a chatbot your leads can be qualified by a definable criteria before they are captured into your CRM or emailed to your sales team without you even needing to lift a finger.


Generate Sales

Chatbots can be used in conjunction with a number of API’s and existing e-commerce platforms that allow direct intergration. This can be used to encourage customers to buy from the point of first enquiry when they have the most buying intent.


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