Get more sales in your business with a sales funnel

Social media is a buzz with new content, new offers and smart marketers all trying to capture the same audience and sell them a product. How do you ensure your marketing messages are best positioned and delivered to the right people at the right time to potentially make you sales? One answer is a sales funnel!

Let’s look at a typical brick-and-mortar sales funnel.

The people at the top of the sales funnel walk by your store window shopping and A certain percentage of them decide to walk into your store.

A customer sees a rack of shirts on sale. He or she thumbs through the rack, now they’re at the next step of the funnel or consideration phase.

Then the customer selects 2-3 t-shirts and walks to the cashier. They are now at the last step. If all goes well, they finish the purchase and reach the bottom of the funnel.

This same process plays out for every business in one way or the other. A sales funnel involves virtually segregating people to specific phases of your funnel depending on their touch point to deliver visitors the right messages, at the right time to nudge them to the next step of the funnel.

What does a sales funnel look like?

Top of funnel, awareness – Advertising platforms such as your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. are sources of traffic for your funnel. In the first step of the funnel will be the first time a person finds your business online, visits your website or engages with your content and become aware of your brand, product or solution. They’re most likely not going to purchase your product or service at this point but this stage is about getting your name out there and telling people what you have to offer. ⠀⠀⠀⠀

Middle of funnel, consideration – The next step in the funnel is to provide the same people from the top of the funnel with more information about your business, in this step you could offer discounts or limited deals to entice people to the next step of the funnel.

Bottom of funnel, conversion – This is where you make the sale! A customer will have gone through the awareness and consideration phases the next step is conversion to sale.

Do I need a sales funnel for my business?

Without a sales funnel, often a website visitor will visit your website, navigate away and forget about your brand, business or product. With a properly laid out sales funnel you could re-target and serve that visitor reminders about the specific product they looked at on your website or offer discount offers to entice them back to your website to complete the purchase. Once they complete the purchase they can then be re-targeted to resell or up-sell feeding them back into the sales funnel. This can be done without collecting any contact information from them.

Segregating your sales funnel allows you to identify weak areas in your sales process, for example if you find that you are getting a ton of people in your top of funnel and middle of funnel but they aren’t reaching the bottom of funnel this could mean that there’s something wrong with your checkout process on your website or you need to strengthen your middle of funnel messaging to better prepare people for the bottom of funnel action.

While this process is similar for most brands they are not the same for all. There’s no one size fits all approach with a sales funnel. A good sales funnel is one that is tweaked, optimized and tested to find a scalable balance of input of users and an output of sales. A large portion of the sales funnel can be automated so theres no manual work required to move people to the next step of the funnel if set up correctly.

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