How to market your business during a pandemic?


Now start thinking about marketing your business during these trying times…If that didn’t calm you down here’s a picture of a cat doing cat things to take your mind of the happenings for a bit.

If you asked any professional that deals with high stress and high tension situations on a regular basis how they deal with it they will they will more than likely tell you to firstly NOT PANIC, understand the situation then apply an action. In a nutshell that’s how you should market your business during these times.

We unpack this in more detail below, read on to find out how you can effectively market your business during the unprecedented times that we currently face.

Don’t Panic – take a breath

Let your business take a breath then take stock of how this situation will affect your business and its stakeholders before taking another step so that it can be an informed one and not a misstep.

If you are able to service clients, we highly doubt it would be business as usual during this time so make sure that those processes are checked and double-checked – the last thing you want is to leave a customer with a sour taste in their mouth during this period.

If you aren’t able to service clients, again don’t panic you can still market your business and come out of this stronger. Use this time to strategise forward.

Understand the situation and strategise forward

 The truth is that its survival mode for South Africans, and it’s going to be that way for a while before it gets better. People are buying what they need and are not often allowed to buy what they want, BUT should you be marketing your business now? We think you MUST.

Most people are at home, more connected and active on social media than they were before. People are Facebooking, Tweeting, and Instagramming all day long, your marketing strategy for the next needs to include if not all at least one of these platforms. And yes these are all verbs now.

Is your business taking advantage of these platforms? You should if you want to do more than survive and ride the upswing from this situation.

If you don’t have a website, get one now. Websites work no matter what industry you are in, a website can help you communicate your message effectively and without distraction to your audience. They help your business be found on search engines and work 24-7/365 to generate leads, inform people, and sell your products or services. There should be no excuse in 2020 for your business to not have a website.

Some might already have a social media presence and an online store, but what now? Head on to the next bit of this post.

Create relatable and actionable content

 Jump on the bandwagon and be one with your audience. In most cases, just like your customers, partners, suppliers, family, and friends are also on lockdown.

  • – Share content that people can relate to
  • – Understand your customer’s pains
  • – Listen to customers complaints to respond to their needs

Create content that’s meaningful and relatable to your audience not because you want to get more likes on your post or because that’s what brand B is doing in the corner over there…

Be active on social media to let people know that you are still there to service them if they need you. Need help with creating content for your businesses? We can help, get in touch with us here.