What does it cost to build a website?

One of the most common questions we get from clients is “How much does it cost to build a good website?”

A professionally developed website communicates your brands’ objectives and the services that it provides in a manner that is easily understood by the user. This is easily said, but generally poorly executed by many. Our experience has led us to create websites that suit these requirements as a standard, providing our clients with websites that are an asset by design.

Below are a few different elements that play an important factor in determining the cost of a website:

Planning – Mapping out the website structure, page layouts, user journey, branding, etc. the more content, and pages a website has the more expensive it would be to develop.

Copywriting – Your headline, benefits, features etc. all determine how well your website will convert clicks into customers. The most successful sales pages are almost purely text-based with very little design or images.

Design – Template vs custom designs can differentiate between a R10 000 and a R50 000 website. If you would like something bespoke it would cost more, picking something of the shelf – not as much.

Functionality – Do you just need contact forms or do you need some sort of custom feature? Custom features cost more as they take time to design, develop and test.

eCommerce – Standard eCommerce or custom eCommerce which integrates with your ERP or CRM systems? If you need your eCommerce store to integrate with existing systems then it will play a role when it comes down to the cost of a website.

Integrations – If your website needs to integrate into any 3rd party systems or platforms that may increase the cost of building the website.

SEO – If you need your website to rank on Google for specific keywords (SEO Optimization), then we need to do keyword research, competitor analysis and on-page optimization, etc. This can add many hours to the project and increase the cost of building a website.

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