What is a Sales funnel and why would I need it for my Business?

Online marketing without a sales funnel is like fishing with a net with holes.

A sales funnel in simple terms refers to the steps that a person may take in order to become a customer. Without a sales funnel, a first-time website visitor will visit your website and if they don’t become a customer they would navigate away and not see your brand, business or product again until they choose to by their own will or they are served your ad again and are inclined to visit your website.

With a properly laid out sales funnel you could re-target website visitors and serve that same website visitor offers that are specific to their customer journey so far, such as free shipping if they added items to their cart and left without completing a purchase or a free consultation if they visited a page about your services. Sales funnels can also be set up to up-sell or resell products and services or simply used as a brand marketing tool to remind people about your brand, services or products.

With a sales funnel you are able to segregate your leads and deliver unique messages, identify weak areas in your sales process, and gain actionable insights and analytics, learn how your customers behave when visiting your website, identify what makes them click, what offers work and how you could optimize your process.

Get a professional sales funnel designed, developed and implemented for your business.